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3 Observations by One of ‘Those’ Women of a Certain Age

1. Really? Peter Baker and Carl Hulse think I’m a woman of a certain age.  O.K., this can include men.  No doubt.  The subtext of the phrasing, however, does not.  (After all, Ray Romano was in a show called “Men of a Certain Age.”) 2. Not an “echo” — but a reverberation from a rape-culture stereo.  Anita Hill was only one of many. We women … Continue reading 3 Observations by One of ‘Those’ Women of a Certain Age

Rock Bottom

 Let the Games begin!  As a nation, the United States (yes, all the states) of America (the continent we share with Canada and Central America), we have hit rock bottom — or very close to it. Here are the Headlines: Kavanaugh (a.k.a. “the Trigger”); Democrats take Midterms; and 2020 goes to . . . the Democratic nominee, of course. Social movements against Trump are NOW … Continue reading Rock Bottom

Santorum Says

The brave woman who appeared before the Senate, Senator Rick Santorum, Mr. “Man on Dog,” was “authentic.”  Before he could utter the “but,” I turned CNN off.  Well, this says it all.  We don’t have to hear any more. Or Brett shouldn’t have to hear any more; he needs to withdraw. Ruth O’Brien, editor, Telling Stories Out of Court: Narratives about Women and Workplace Discrimination … Continue reading Santorum Says

Chuck (Grassley) called my mom……

Representative (now Senator) Chuck Grassley called my mother when I was 18 years old.  Why?  I had just graduated from the Capitol Page School, with the nation’s highest-paid teachers in terms of money per student, with a 99.999999% graduation rate not just from high school but from some of the best universities in our nation.  I ratted the school out for the inferior instruction it … Continue reading Chuck (Grassley) called my mom……

Harasser vs. Harassed and Assaulted Cash Outs

How is $120 million different from Roger Ailes’s $45 million?  Zero tolerance for media means that the harassers get rich or richer, whereas the victims of their harassment and violent sexual assault (i.e. rape) are lucky not to get blackballed from their profession or remain powerless.  Even if you’re a journalist, like Ronan Farrow, they can drive you out or into a different medium.  (The New … Continue reading Harasser vs. Harassed and Assaulted Cash Outs

Good Furor – NYROB

Now-former NYROB editor Ian Buruma pledged to practice democracy after replacing longtime editor Robert Silvers, whom Buruma criticized for being monarchical.  Yet, Buruma forgot that democracy includes women (which includes our sensibilities).  So, by the way, does monarchy. And when you pledge to practice democracy and then accept self-pity for sexual assaulters and harassers, it should not include sniveling self-pity.  All editors should set an … Continue reading Good Furor – NYROB