All Above the Fold

It’s easy to pick upon the vulnerable and the weak, who are disproportionately women, children, and persons with disabilities. It’s so cheap, tacky, and tawdry that only a leader like Conquistador Loot-and-Pillage Donald J. Trump could stoop that low. For our convenience, the New York Times puts it all above today’s front-page fold. All we can do is document the horrors in his dismantling health care, … Continue reading All Above the Fold

Bodies in Thought

Why do we study a woman’s every move? Some women can speak, and some women cannot speak. Or if these women dare to speak when they shouldn’t, we see how they say nothing. Their generic bland words convey a static form of silence. Husband by their side, they shake their heads in agreement, as all the while their bodies are screaming no. Their bodies betray … Continue reading Bodies in Thought

Fox’s Ailes Is Better at Chasing . . .

      Here’s a picture that won’t surprise you. By picture, I mean read the lawsuit. A sample: “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you would have been good and better and I would have been good and better.” What I mean by “better” is more effective in hiring, targeting, harassing, and then firing … Continue reading Fox’s Ailes Is Better at Chasing . . .

Chris Christie’s Revenge – Angry White Males without their Doughnuts

  I saw something exceptional yesterday. Not since I was in Switzerland — on my way to Unterwasser — have I seen an all-white, male, middle-aged road crew.  And I saw it in New Jersey, no less — not just New Jersey, but the Plainfields.  North Plainfield, Plainfield, and Watchung are divided by Highway 22.  It’s hard to find the bridge over the highway that … Continue reading Chris Christie’s Revenge – Angry White Males without their Doughnuts