One Family Unit: Frontiers’-Women from the Far-west Henry Clay Frick Clan

This book-length project explores the Dutch roots of American government, informational imperialism, including our so-called civilization by tracing through four centuries of female ancestors who embody, empower, and embrace liberation-as-education and education-as- liberation all the way from Sandy Hook, NJ to Weedpatch, CA and back introducing along the way various “neos & isms” conjoined with the powerful concept of “sliding supremacies” and the essential notion of the separation of church and state, which finds expression in anabaptism (which gives babies agency), secularism, federalism, states and sovereignties, and the role of public universities as bulwarks of church-state separation—and culminates when the author finally gathers her courage enough to read The Grapes of Wrath (which had long been an anathema to her family and their entire county of Kern) and confronts the shocking truth about her family.*

  • My trusted friends and colleagues convinced me to write up a one-sentence synopsis of my current book project. Be prepared to read it more than once. And I apologize in advance for making it a long and twisting road of American political thought.
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Published by *Ruth Frick O'Brien

Professor Ruth Frick O'Brien, City University of New York, Graduate Center, 1st "professorette" nicknamed by Rush Limbaugh nickname. Ruth Frick* O'Brien & Frederic Halper* O'Brien, Dep.M.E. @ National Review *(honoring our mothers)

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