These posts reflect my original interest in American politics, history and political theory broadly cast. I’m interested in exploring the nexus between American Political Development (APD) and American Political Thought (APT) as well as American Studies and Africana Studies or all regional “studies,” including working with Gajo Petrovic a leader in Praxis published in the former Yugoslavia.

This was the reason I stayed in politics for my Ph.D. rather than leaving for law school, history, sociology or business school as faculty kept trying to convince me to do in undergraduate and graduate school after spending a gap year reading Heidegger’s Being and Time with University of Zagreb philosophy professor Gajo Petrovic, who spent time at IAS and working with the author of the former Yugoslavian Constitution, the one that stuck — written in the 1970s.  The latter scholar attended the Sorbonne in the 1930s and ended his career as the Dean of the best law school in Belgrade.  In the 1980s the Fulbright funded his scholarship on Jefferson at Claremont Graduate School.  I worked with him for my B.A. thesis on Marx, existentialism, phenomenology and Yugoslavian self-management supervised by Claremont Men’s College’s public law professor Winston Fisk.

Did Renee Ellmers Cost Keven McCarthy His Job (Speaker of the House), and If So Will She be Returned to Congress?

10382767_1534796020141081_2450810880076967288_n Why didn’t Kevin get the big seat in the House of Representatives — Speaker of the House? What was the tipping point for the GOP? (The Speaker of the House wins by majority and sits behind the President of the United States when he gives the State of the Union Address, typically. It is a non-partisan position.)

Well, it was reported last January that Kevin had an open secret — an affair with the Honorable Renee Ellmers, a Republican member of the House from North Carolina. Who ratted them out? Renee, of course.

My item on the affair got erased from my site — ruthobrien.org — around late January or February when the Right tried to snip me into silence – or, put more precisely, delete evidence of this tawdry tell-all affair between two allegedly professional members from the GOP’s side of the House (who both had families and constituencies and are Tea Party conservatives).

Yet, if the conservative “Got News” is similar to “RedState” or other sketchy right-wing sites, this link will not last long. Check it out now.

Boo Hoo for Bakersfield as Boehner Strikes Back at Native Bakersfield Son, Who Does Understand How Congress is Run

Wanna-Be-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stepped out of the race today, due to his inability to be silent or to muffle his partisan goals.

Bet former Speaker of the House John Boehner is not too sad that his former mentee, Kevin — who is not very politic about keeping quiet, now or back in Bakersfield (K-12 and Cal State) — understands that the Speaker of the House is a non-partisan position. Surely, Kevin knows what partisan means, no?

Tea Party Kevin McCarthy Colonial Spanish Tejon Rancher’s Grandson?


What do Tejon Ranch, missionaries, and the Spanish colonial empire have to do with Tea Party Speaker of the House wannabe Kevin McCarthy?

One of my uncles plays golf with Buddy’s dad.  To be precise, that is the Honorable House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s papa.  It’s a good thing they don’t go shooting target practice together, to bone up for hunting season in Montana.  Why? The shooting ranges in Kern County (Bakersfield being the big metropolis) are a popular venue for weddings.  To be sure, they stop the shooting so that the happy, undoubtedly non-same-sex or heterosexual couple can have peace and quiet, at least for a few moments.

All this demographic data that is putting poor Buddy on the spot is, of course, to say that he cannot lead.  Not only is McCarthy not very Irish, he’s very Spanish (empire that is).

If the New York Times had done its due-diligence homework (i.e. braving Bakersfield, checking with some Central Valley residents), it would know that Kevin’s not very Irish — at least, not post-famine Irish.  Rather, Kevin is a fourth-generation resident of the Central Valley, where he’s got some lineage to say the least.

Kevin’s granddaddy used to be the lawyer for Tejon Ranch.  For those who haven’t done their California Mission history, Tejon Ranch, one of the “largest pieces of private property in the United States and traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is not about to be handed over to Native Americans under a ruling Monday from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Not only does this mean Kevin McCarthy hails from a pre–United States of American Catholic missionary Spanish empire lineage, but this Speaker of the House wannabe is not exactly friendly to immigrants, let alone the natives of Central and South America from before the Spanish Empire colonized California.  Indeed, during Pope Francis’s visit, what the New York Times did cover was yet another hate crime, since “vandals” decided to characterize the so-called “Saint” Serra for who he really was — “a saint of genocide.”