3 Observations by One of ‘Those’ Women of a Certain Age


1. Really? Peter Baker and Carl Hulse think I’m a woman of a certain age.  O.K., this can include men.  No doubt.  The subtext of the phrasing, however, does not.  (After all, Ray Romano was in a show called “Men of a Certain Age.”) 2. Not an “echo” — but a reverberation from a rape-culture stereo.  Anita Hill was only one of many. We women — “those of a certain age” — got that back in the day (i.e. 1991 — neoliberalism).  It’s a reverberation, given how many times we’ve heard the phrase echo and it turns out to be hollow.  Where is #MeTooism, legislatively, anyway? 3.  Triangulating those women of a certain age with rape (no need to make a joke about date rape here) means we all got/get that rape is only one thing — violence — and is punishable by civil and criminal law, not either/or. It doesn’t matter if it’s an echo or a reverberation; what we do know is will it be a trigger for any kind of real reform?