Unbending Opposition

  Unbent? Not bent or twisted. The New York Times headlines are getting more creative with the paper’s 2020 report out.  Despite all the white faces on the front page above the fold, and the fact that there may soon be more tenured or tenure-track political-science professors than staff journalists (who are being halved again after already being halved 10 years ago, though their ranks are more … Continue reading Unbending Opposition

Let’s Look at It as Presidents in Mirror-Opposite Conversation

Putting aside the Democrats’ reassessment — or the irony that it’s not the GOP that has to open its tent — and putting aside that we’re no longer a polarized nation . . . and that a realignment of sorts occurred — a more dramatic realignment than most, since it sweeps into power the GOP on every level, the most important one arguably being their … Continue reading Let’s Look at It as Presidents in Mirror-Opposite Conversation

Debating the Obama Presidency (preorder)

Preorder here Edited by Steven E. Schier Contributions by Alan I. Abramowitz, Emory University; Andrew E. Busch, Claremont McKenna College; Peter Juul, Center for American Progress; Lawrence Korb, Center for American Progress; William G. Mayer, Northeastern University; Ruth O’Brien, City University of New York Graduate Center; John J. Pitney Jr.. Claremont McKenna College; Danielle Pletka, American Enterprise Institute; Daniel E. Ponder, Drury University; Steven E. … Continue reading Debating the Obama Presidency (preorder)

State-Sanctioned Murder and Hollow Politicians’ Words

The police kill citizens in the United States.  The bodies speak for themselves.  And we should not turn them into mere body counts; we should know their names.  Even so, some type of blinking counting calculator, like the one that tracks the national debt, would help place this state-sanctioned violence into perspective. The horror is that the very people who are supposed to protect you can … Continue reading State-Sanctioned Murder and Hollow Politicians’ Words

Let’s Face It, Where’s Barack?

A tragedy for us all, though we are not all equal in tragedy. How does one explain this graphic murder to anyone? Can we hope to stop the killing of our fellow American citizens by state actors hired and funded (in part) by the sovereign American nation-state? This is a question for one national leader — who I used to think did not lead from … Continue reading Let’s Face It, Where’s Barack?

New Rules & Paycheck Reparations

  The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) is so dull that even professors in American Political Development took years to publish a book on the origins of this statistics-collecting agency formed in 1906. But information is power, and President Barack Obama will exercise his executive power to force medium and large firms to “report to the federal government what they pay employees by race, gender … Continue reading New Rules & Paycheck Reparations