State-Sanctioned Murder and Hollow Politicians’ Words

The police kill citizens in the United States.  The bodies speak for themselves.  And we should not turn them into mere body counts; we should know their names.  Even so, some type of blinking counting calculator, like the one that tracks the national debt, would help place this state-sanctioned violence into perspective. The horror is that the very people who are supposed to protect you can … Continue reading State-Sanctioned Murder and Hollow Politicians’ Words


  Violence begets violence.  It is escalating across this land.  As I watch with horror, however, I am heartened by the impact this beloved man — Philando Castile – is making in death.  His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, in her shock, schooled this nation into shame. Like Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till, Diamond is standing up for all black men murdered by vigilantes deputized in effect by the … Continue reading Trigger

Family First in Face of 2016 Horrors

*Diamond Reynolds Graphic Video-Police Killing Castile Philando Given today’s and yesterday’s police-brutality news, the O’Briens’ family-first policy will soon revolve around a First Amendment freedom search. And by search, I mean a journey. What this means is that each member of our family unit (4) will explore or figure out what we individually mean when we say we are all for freedom of expression (speech, … Continue reading Family First in Face of 2016 Horrors