Fox’s Ailes Is Better at Chasing . . .

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Here’s a picture that won’t surprise you. By picture, I mean read the lawsuit. A sample: “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you would have been good and better and I would have been good and better.”

What I mean by “better” is more effective in hiring, targeting, harassing, and then firing their loyal women announcers (who undoubtedly don’t believe in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, protecting them from discrimination, until it “suits” them).

Sweatin’ With the Angries (“conservative” pop & “stupid” liberal mom on “Morning Joe”)

61qYqJ2P3yL._SX401_BO1,204,203,200_ morningjoe_l_2 Every time I go to the gym,* I figure I’ll treat myself with some TV. I’m going to listen to TV news. Exciting. World-spanning. I can catch up** on my pop-culture deficit during my 20 minutes of exercise (which resembles PT more than exercise, but hey).

And then I turn on the dreck. I start with Fox (why not?). Fox and Friends had on one Bush daughter and the Bush mom (not to be confused with the real Barbara Bush, who would never read, let alone write, a children’s book on Texas, or rather American clichés for the youngest minds to consume).

Switch that off. Let’s go to those supposedly liberal cable shows that big media and the G.O.P. are always whining about. It’s even worse. Mom and Pop are arguing. Plus Pop puts down Mom: He’s the intelligent one in the family, after all, who gets to reverse poor Mom — who has to keep saying to her supposed co-host, “No, you’re wrong” (or something to that effect).

Well, that’s when I gotta end. My PT, after all, works only in 20-minute increments, and at least I put in my 7 minutes learning why everyone — populists on the right and the left — is so gosh-dang-it angry — no, enraged.  Let’s hope my PT recovery is better than the Democrats’. The Republicans, naturally, did it to themselves, and I’d listen to more backstabbing and whining if I just had the patience to finish.


* for PT, now exciting, energizing, strengthening . . . just 2 decades of recovery from self-induced PC compulsion

** TV was banned in our house when I was growing up, unlike my cousins. We had a working television but we couldn’t watch until we hit the junior-high ostracization years, when I accidentally revealed (to my horror) my ignorance by responding “Who?” to a mention of Keith Partridge of The Partridge Family. That was the last time I unwillingly hid under a pop-culture rock.

My New Facebook Settings Decoupling Experiment-  — Can Online Capitalism be Reformed, Given My Preferences?

As a Monday-morning experiment, I clicked a lot of buttons that supposedly indicated my advertising preferences, so I got to edit “out” the most annoying aspects of global capitalism — tracking advertising. We will see what ads follow me, since my preferences are largely political non-profits and politics. So it’s not like I won’t be asked for anything.

I figured it was worth experimenting with the newly tweaked FB, even with all of MZ’s antics (consorting with Modi, which was well covered by all mainstream sources, like). WSJ gets it — though you have to realize that all 5 reasons are unsafe at any speed for democracy.

Since I still haven’t found the “dis”-like button. I guess my preference foray is too much found freedom and authenticity. If it were this easy to refine my ad-line, then . . .

Trump, Less Tru More Rump

The_Apprentice_LogoWhat happened to Larry? Lawrence Lessig, I mean? I guess he wasn’t “Trump” (as in “rump”) worthy. Just think about it. What did Trump do for us? A lot.

It’s a lot more than having the perfect letters for Scrabble.

Trump pushed enough bullies off the stage. Ring a bell? Sure it does. His “The Apprentice” was the only “reality” show I ever turned on back in the day.

Trump apprenticed Scott; he humiliated Jeb (who is up for a comeback, I’m afraid);
he got Veep Biden out of a slump (or at least distracted from his personal tragedy); and he got Carly noticed (OK, let’s face it, she’s not going to become a Veep herself, but at least she tried, though why doesn’t she go find another company to run, that’s what I don’t get). I finally understand the difference between Mario (the Wii game) and Marco (the Floridian with better brown hair).

Don’t worry, I never confused Marco with Ted, since Ted’s hair is irrelevant but his position on the 10th amendment (let alone the 1st or 2nd amendments, given last week’s horrors) is frightening, with his views on federalism being the most frightening of all. But Ted, I’m not worried about you being a showboat, since no male or female who likes shows is going to have their head turned by the likes of you (or your GOP political philosophy).