Chuck (Grassley) called my mom……

Representative (now Senator) Chuck Grassley called my mother when I was 18 years old.  Why?  I had just graduated from the Capitol Page School, with the nation’s highest-paid teachers in terms of money per student, with a 99.999999% graduation rate not just from high school but from some of the best universities in our nation.  I ratted the school out for the inferior instruction it offered.*  Congressman Grassley said my mother should be proud of me for being a whistleblower — and I guess he knew what I had weathered.  I don’t know. A good friend of mine says he is evil.  She is a litigator and understands how Grassley is gaslighting Professor Christine Blasey Ford.  I agree — what could I say other than “he called my mother”?  But to be honest, when he called my mother, she was not impressed, as I remember.  Only impressed enough to relay the quick call.  I didn’t think a thing about it until I spoke with my litigator friend (why would I?) — he became a Senator, and while he supports whistleblowers, they are largely the ones who whistle the Republican tune.  Look what he’s doing to Ford now! When it came time for college, most of my relatives faced a choice — the farm (Stanford) versus the city (Berkeley).  For me, the choice was not the farm versus the city.  My mom wanted me to go to a small women’s liberal-arts school, preferably the one she had attended, not one of those Seven Sisters schools.  Not only the Sister schools were excluded; my mom was also down on the Ivies, even though my ancestor helped start one — a proFESSor of religion, no less, helped found Brown University by proFESSing religion at the Hopewell Academy, which later moved to Rhode Island (Anabaptist country). No one was going to the East Coast Establishment. Meanwhile, Stanford — where they ruined women, I was told — and anything east of Los Angeles were out.  So I came home, back West to California, as was appropriate.  My mother managed to get me/allow me (she had no control, since I was writing my own applications far from home) to go to an all-male college that was turning co-ed.  Now that was no fun -— or was it fun?  Actually, I enjoyed it.  It had been Claremont Men’s College, and after coeducation they found a donor whose name began with M, and it became Claremont McKenna College, preserving the CMC acronym. But first they had to deal with the GCO Club — Get Cunts Out — of diehard misogynists.  Seems kinda like the club that Brett Kavanagh would join — or was that only in high school? Why won’t he allow the FBI to do a full investigation, anyhow?  Why does he want to enter the Supreme Court with a rapist cloud over his head?  After all, Clarence Thomas didn’t even speak in court for over a decade, knowing how little credibility he had/has.  Who made the last phone call to Anita — his wife, no less?  Wasn’t that bizarre?  My only guess would be she got hammered one night and is still mad about how Clarence cheated on her — or didn’t tell her the full story that she knows/suspects, and that’s about his predilection for pornography. —————– * I ratted them out despite being threatened in front of the whole school for maligning a 150-year-old institution, since I was the rat “going” over there — the Doorkeeper’s Door — and complaining that we weren’t getting enough education.  All the House of Representatives pages followed the few Senate pages’ problem — that pages could no longer go to school from 6:00 to 9:00, but instead from 6:00 to 6:30 or 7:00, including the breakfast break.  Then they reduced our classes to five, but we still only got as far as roll call before leaving.  I was in school, yet I was learning absolutely nothing, and the principal’s and vice principal’s defense was — anyway, full circle.  I ratted them out.  I was not the first or the last, and it was under Speaker of the House John Boehner that they got rid of House pages in 2011.

A Higher Education Way to Stop Keeping the Damned Women Out* of TECH Too?


So long Silicon Valley.  So long sexual harassers and non-diverse SLAMs — who live or work in the 50-mile radius Time Well Spent blogger Tristan Harris is talking about — in San Francisco.  Tristan is now a social-media design ethicist who is outing how social media unaccountably design our local/global lives.  And so long auto traffic.  This is the new Silicon Alley — Cornell Tech.

Now, having grown up in California, I appreciate the lack of traffic, and the benefits of serving four boroughs in this new innovative institution that serves all of us in New York City.  But what I noticed only recently that is truly remarkable and worthy of note is Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York, or WiTNY.

It’s a program or blog that the New York Public Library (NYPL) — the one with the lions — produced over a year ago.  I, myself, missed the announcement and am only now catching up how the largest public university in one city — CUNY1st — is now collaborating with Cornell Tech, which itself is part of Israel’s Technion in Haifa on an initiative that gives women a chance to lead in the traditionally male macho field of technology.  I would hope Lean-In Sheryl Sandberg will pay us a visit too, as the venerable public and private higher-education institutions serve one of our most neglected pool of leaders — women.

More on women and leadership (e.g. American workplace politics) later.  For now, follow the links.#

assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

First book in Heretical Thought book series Edited by Ruth O'Brien, The Graduate Center, CUNY  Heretical Thought

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Thought is heretical when it threatens our idea of universality, or our notion of the self or selves. Such threats can occur in the face of advances in science, human science, governance, or media.  Regardless of purpose or intent, heretical ideas shape and determine our bodies and our consciousness and/or the ways we communicate about them.  They also embody seismic or significant breaks in sclerotic contemporary political thought.

This series is shaped by the notion that contemporary political thought that advances significant or seismic ideas, independent of purpose or intent, and also threatens our ideas of universality, is heretical. Books in the series expose contemporary ruptures in thought, or a break in a school of thought.  In doing so they will make visible, or apparent, threats that are observable, empirical, biological, chemical, or physical in the universe — suggesting not only how such threats can compel new ways of thinking, but also how they can lead to productive political action.

Series editor, Ruth O’Brien, The Graduate Center, City University of New York


Gun-Toting Rivals + Is HC a Feminist but Not an Intersectionalist? Or is HC Not Really Human? 

KayDaly  Take a look at Renee Ellmers’s opposition. Kay Ryon Daly is running against the Honorable Renee Ellmers in North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. Not only is she pro-gun (obviously, and undoubtedly not an issue that divides their two candidacies), but Kay is also pro-fidelity (surprise, surprise), whereas Renee is in theory but perhaps not in practice.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch’s shop (the New York Post) is, as always, very anti-Hillary Clinton. It’s been suggesting that she is not really “human.”Is it worse to be called a fem-N…, which Rush Limbaugh et al. coined during Bill Clinton’s administration in the 1990s?

Or is worse to say that Hillary is an old-fashioned feminist, and not an intersectionalist (which, to be fair, contradicts the underlying “ist” behind her two-minute official declaration of candidacy on YouTube)?

Or is it worst of all to articulate that certain Democrats and Republicans practice neotribalism (patriarchy, etc.), and can’t help being SLAMs or SCAMs?

Aren’t we getting too picky about presidential candidates if we say that Hillary’s not intersectionalist enough when she’s clearly a feminist and . . . (yes, this means you — the Millennials who made fun of Oberlin graduate Lena Dunham’s latest mouthpiece, I mean platform)?

My New Facebook Settings Decoupling Experiment-  — Can Online Capitalism be Reformed, Given My Preferences?

As a Monday-morning experiment, I clicked a lot of buttons that supposedly indicated my advertising preferences, so I got to edit “out” the most annoying aspects of global capitalism — tracking advertising. We will see what ads follow me, since my preferences are largely political non-profits and politics. So it’s not like I won’t be asked for anything.

I figured it was worth experimenting with the newly tweaked FB, even with all of MZ’s antics (consorting with Modi, which was well covered by all mainstream sources, like). WSJ gets it — though you have to realize that all 5 reasons are unsafe at any speed for democracy.

Since I still haven’t found the “dis”-like button. I guess my preference foray is too much found freedom and authenticity. If it were this easy to refine my ad-line, then . . .