Grand Old Party, Oil and Kern County

Tejon Ranch is the largest …. Now I get it… This is how Hollywood remains Hollywood and why Oil remains oil and I mean petroleum oil, not black oil.

One of my cousins and I played “find the oil.” Now, I knew three things: 1. Oil was black and dirty — petroleum oil, that is, not vaseline that id; 2. Cotton has oil (it is not black); and 3. The Okies came “from them thar hills . . .” So imagine what happened when we tried to squeeze oil out of cotton.  I was hoping it would be black.  Sadly, cotton oil is not. When I asked, I got in trouble, of course. 

So, I ask you: What is the difference between black and white or clear oil?  It’s not “Oil!” by Upton Sinclair, but it is oil like former president, then former chief justice William Howard Taft, who got a route in the town of Taft to be called informally not “them-thar-hills” but Petroleum Hwy. 

And—surprise, surprise—it connects Santa Barbara County to Kern, and must pass through some of TR’s Ranch and that’s not Teddy to you but Tejon Ranch** the largest . . . Forget that.  It’s Kevin’s district.  It was his daddy or a cousin that came to a congressional district that had never elected a Democrat, only Repubs. Better said, only those from the fake G.O. P.  This is no longer Abe’s party.  It’s our Speaker of the House wannabe’s party.



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