American Political Thought Squared or

Fred and I are launching our APT squared project, finally.  You’ll find it on LinkedIN, and then reposted on FaceBook and also this web page.  We’re still in construction.  Please be patient.  SubS+++tack will follow.

The one restriction is that anyone in CUNY or the CUNY wide community cannot participate.  They have access to my seminars so my teaching and mentoring since I’m housed in the Political Science Ph.D. Program, but having done the reverse allocation to help out my colleagues, I’m now affiliated with SPS, CCNY, CUNYBach, Lehman, Hunter and Hunter (sociology and WGS) as well as Disability Studies with SPS though I’m partial to the MA program at SPS — called Museum Studies, which is excellent.  This is Museum Studies, run by the very talented Jenna Coplin (who went to the GC).  This program is the most exciting for me.  Not only does it have that NYHS connection but it is run by Jenna and administered by Dean George Otte (another talented CUNY wide administrator).

I teach Contemporary Issues in Public History and hoped to teach Women in the Public Realm.  Public History is the same as Writing Politics, the specialization I started in 2004, and the main reason I decided to be EO after having been DEO of the Political Science Program from 2000-2009.

Nine years there, while it got me lots of head hunters, I never left my passion of research  or scholarship that reaches the NYROB reading few.  My passion has and remains scholarship, and how scholarship leads to outreach or my concept of education as liberation.

Not for nothing both the mission of both the Public Square, PUP and Heretical Thought, OUP, USA were about outreach.  Sadly, not everyone got what Writing Politics was.  That said, Jim Phelan of Narrative book series and Narrative journal did.  But then again, he was a student of Wayne Booth (University of Chicago, where my father went to high school :).

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Renewal, Pub. Date Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021