Learning to like . . . (Platonic/platonic/Plato, and Socrates)

What an AMAZING performance. Also I got to wave at my retired GC colleagues Lenny and Christa. Who would know we would all be in the “family” circle. Now it wasn’t my family (Frick’s) who got the subscription but Fred’s father, mother (Ruth Halper Schwarz) and her sister Harriet, along with her husband who worked at the “lab.” (FYI, Brookhaven). The Schwarz-Halper thinking was “platonic.” This is to say, that all scientists liked music, especially the opera. Can’t say, I’ve found that to be the case, though I do like Plato. The MET is finally getting modern, and after going for 12 years, I finally recognized a tune and have learned to like the opera.#

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