CUNY Graduate Center Historian (Recently Retired) Distinguished Professor David Nasaw wrote

Kudos, David Nasaw! What a wonderful and insightful analysis, albeit a scary one. Living on the late-nineteenth-century female muckraker journalist Ida Tarbell’s island– Roosevelt Island — which is under the 59th Street Bridge (as those in Manhattan call it, as opposed to the Queensboro Bridge, as those from Queens call it, though it was relativelyContinue reading “CUNY Graduate Center Historian (Recently Retired) Distinguished Professor David Nasaw wrote”

In a word, Gail, it’s Gramsci

One of my cousins asked me a fun question. We were talking about Frick and Stout family artifacts from Iowa, Jacksonville Illinois, Des Moines, Grundy, and Polk Counties, all in Iowa, as well as Hopewell and Amwell, New Jersey, where Colonel Thomas Johnson Stout’s son left to head West. My baby sister Kathleen even hasContinue reading “In a word, Gail, it’s Gramsci”

Heretic . . .

Another notion or concept 4 “this” or “that-ing” or what I call the act of discriminating (and that’s not taste)

But surely you’ve got 5 senses to understand this . . .

“Private is Professional, not “Personal”

Doing research in remote European country on anarchy, state(s), & political violence against “All others-and/or all Others.” temporarily dark or minimal content available. No access to plug ins by mirrored professional site. Professional IT retraining scheduled. Relieved not professional political hackers, nor personal interference by Dutch Fulbright UCLA trained Islamic Center Ph.D. Grants pendingContinue reading ““Private is Professional, not “Personal””