Hillary, Bill (de Blasio), & Blog-alysis

Posted by Ruth O’Brien


“Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is set to raise money for New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio (D).” Is this news, or even blog-alysis? It’s not analytical, not temporal (being 2 days old), so I’m baffled as to what category it falls into. If you look through the Washington Postor New York Times archives, the Democratic wannabe 2016 contender raised more than $50 million for her 2006 campaign and spent only $35 million, so she shared the rest with her friends. Why not?

Being an FOH really meant something back then, and I for one believe it still does, even if FOH was too related to FOB, so they understandably reconfigured an acronym change. Spending money on your friends has nothing to do with being female or a Democrat, let alone a progressive Democrat. The person who raised the initial bar was, after all, Arianna Huffington’s husband, who spent $28 million on himself tried to unseat Diane Feinstein in 1994.

Money begets money . . . a better adage than success begets success, since you do need money first, or let’s say it comes in handy (along with a foundation or two).

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