Hillary’s Congressional Recess Itinerary:

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Movie [√]. Okay, it’s a miniseries, but that’s where all the talent goes, now that we’re in “indie” land, as opposed to Hollywood giving us one “chick flick” a summer.  Besides, I’m being played by none other than Diane Lane . . .

Documentary [√].  It may only be CBS, not PBS or the BBC, but still, not far from the documentary gold standard, I would think.  Surely, CBS and Time-Warner will patch up soon enough.  (Reminder to self, check with Ken B.)

White House Lunch [√]. Barack ate a TLT (that’s turkey bacon, for those not in the know, but still very “American” in case the Birthers are concerned about the White House kitchen), and Michelle approved.

White House Breakfast [√]. No, not turkey with the bacon and eggs, but Joe was so gracious . . . and what a winning smile . . .

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