Polls and Faculty Rolls

I learned the hard way to never, ever call an election. Now, its less that my colleagues across the nation with their little models and modeling get it wrong over and over. No, it’s more that when I was a Ph.D student UCLA couldn’t convince their female pollster to join our rolls. Faculty rules, goContinue reading “Polls and Faculty Rolls”

In a word, Gail, it’s Gramsci

One of my cousins asked me a fun question. We were talking about Frick and Stout family artifacts from Iowa, Jacksonville Illinois, Des Moines, Grundy, and Polk Counties, all in Iowa, as well as Hopewell and Amwell, New Jersey, where Colonel Thomas Johnson Stout’s son left to head West. My baby sister Kathleen even hasContinue reading “In a word, Gail, it’s Gramsci”

Frick-ed and Fracked or S.L.A.P.P.ed*?

Not until I met and married Fred (who honored my father and mother when my sons walked me down the aisle), I had none other than my colleague, Fred’s long-lost relative, unite us in marriage. I would’ve been the second Ruth Ann Schwarz. Instead, Fred is the first Frederic Halper O’Brien, though we began ourContinue reading “Frick-ed and Fracked or S.L.A.P.P.ed*?”

Political Elites, Public Opinion, Social Media or No — Women Writing Politics

Men don’t follow the rules; they make the rules.  And by rules I mean political rules that do determine economics or the market, let alone society (norms, beliefs, values, et al.).  Though women in power get to dictate in a multitude of directions (which is why they get called “uppity bitch” all the time).  (MyContinue reading “Political Elites, Public Opinion, Social Media or No — Women Writing Politics”