A Higher Education Way to Stop Keeping the Damned Women Out* of TECH Too?


So long Silicon Valley.  So long sexual harassers and non-diverse SLAMs — who live or work in the 50-mile radius Time Well Spent blogger Tristan Harris is talking about — in San Francisco.  Tristan is now a social-media design ethicist who is outing how social media unaccountably design our local/global lives.  And so long auto traffic.  This is the new Silicon Alley — Cornell Tech.

Now, having grown up in California, I appreciate the lack of traffic, and the benefits of serving four boroughs in this new innovative institution that serves all of us in New York City.  But what I noticed only recently that is truly remarkable and worthy of note is Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York, or WiTNY.

It’s a program or blog that the New York Public Library (NYPL) — the one with the lions — produced over a year ago.  I, myself, missed the announcement and am only now catching up how the largest public university in one city — CUNY1st — is now collaborating with Cornell Tech, which itself is part of Israel’s Technion in Haifa on an initiative that gives women a chance to lead in the traditionally male macho field of technology.  I would hope Lean-In Sheryl Sandberg will pay us a visit too, as the venerable public and private higher-education institutions serve one of our most neglected pool of leaders — women.

More on women and leadership (e.g. American workplace politics) later.  For now, follow the links.#

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