Hobbes & Hate from a Grand Canyon State


Posted on February 27, 2014 by Ruth O’Brien

It’s the war of all against all  as the GOP’s hate just keeps getting hotter. Are you surprised? I’m not.  GOP wars have not been reserved or restricted to a  war on women no matter what their women say.

It’s Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s self-described job to hate gays and lesbians every bit as much as she hates or engages in war on women, immigrants, children of immigrants, girls, African-Americans, and I’d guess atheists, and union organizers too— if you pressed her or took a look at Arizona’s “special” history.

In vetoing a state bill, Brewer temporarily stepped back in the war of all against all she helped instigate.  She stepped back by not giving the business community rights along religious grounds to refuse service to LGBTQers.  Are we supposed to thank her?

This is the face of the new Republican party, and by “new” I don’t mean yesterday of the last 5 years, when the Tea Partiers signed up, or even when Bush II became the second son to follow his papa into the presidency in 2000. Rather, I mean that the politics of hate goes to the venerable party of Ronald Reagan.

Most academics would date the 1980s as years when the party of Lincoln lost the legacy of Lincoln. How else could all the white conservative men (SCAMs) in the former Confederate states have run for shelter under the GOP’s umbrella, after all?

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