Twists, Turns, and then Twists again: The Annals of the Proxies between Two State (read nation-states) Agencies — the American Presidency vs. the British monarchy

Oh please?!*&^ Meghan of Montecito. Or is it Megan of Montecito? You tell me? Having grown up and come of age in the county that houses this supposed woman of Montecito, I think it is no less than outrageous.  Why?  Because of all the work that all the proxies must do.  Full disclosure: I have relatives in Montecito, my first sleep-over restaurant gala was in Santa Barbara (SB), I grew up on the beaches of SB, and decades later I was there for part of my COVID-isolation travels and adventures, when I got to renew my friendship with a Hope Ranch High School sister (we’d gone to Claremont Men’s College together before they shoved the M of McKenna in there).  Phew.  This friend told me that the best thing about Montecito is not the fully-in-view polo park, nor even the real SB ranch that was ranched by the fake-ranch movie-star president (yes, RR, not TR nor FDR).  Phew again.  Please.  I have no problem about reporting on the British monarchy versus Meghan and Megan, the proxy (singular) for all of the colonial and United States of America since Pocahontas.  Yep, I mean Meghan and Megan of Montecito and/or Hillary of FOB and BOB, or really FOB.

Let me use this to get more twists and turns in, something akin to the “Ana-baptists,” and by Ana I don’t meant those Santa Anna winds but rather the reference here to John Winthrop of, yes, you called it (if you remember it from your civics class), City on a Hill or my American Political Thought and/or American Political Development seminars and what I today refer to as APP, not APT + APD -AS = APP.^

I’m waiting for Michelle (Obama) to work with or support Meghan or Megan of Montecito, really, though it is actually Ronald Reagan’s stage screen in the SB county-side as well as being backed up to Kevin’s Kern, and yes, that’s potential Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s Kern of Kern County.

Now, where did I go next with FHO? Well that was Tejon Ranch, where Fred remarked: Did we really have to go back to that county where everyone “hated” (okay, banished) me? We did 🙂 And we enjoyed it, though not for all the reasons one, and that’s the Queen English’s “one” would understand.

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