Anarchy Finally Caught Up with Netflix

9780415945349  Anarchy finally caught up with Netflix. There is no such thing as an out-of-wedlock child, let alone “illegitimate,” but there is a parentless child, at least genetically. We live in an “on” world (i.e. computers have no or difficult to find on/off switches. Remember the radio?!). The surveillance state is old news.

More importantly, we now have genetically parentless children. This is to say it is not just government-sanctioned surveillance any more than it is a state or states that deem a child legitimate or illegitimate, like Rich Lowry, editor of National Review.

FYI, my book from 2005’s title is Bodies in Revolt, anticipating this situation by 15 years. Now the title is quoted back to me on Netflix, no less, or was it Acorn — in any case it is from the English empire (either Australia, Scotland, or England).

I gave this book the subtitle an “ethic of care” or bodily fluidity (it’s in the text) not necessarily from nature or requiring any performativity (i.e. Judith Butler). Stateless, genetically-less, “clon”-ish Bodies in Revolt are not revolting bodies.

The state is not only useless. The state is not only managed by state-managers, but the state of the state and the world at large more than sovereign and powerful states (i.e. empires) are not just order-less but facilitate a wonderful notion of boundary-less-ness that is transformative yet the form here means “many” (e.g. asexual, not sexual, can become a performative “they.” I too am “they.”*


* Fred and Theo accept my formation, though Max does not.

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