My New Facebook Settings Decoupling Experiment-  — Can Online Capitalism be Reformed, Given My Preferences?

As a Monday-morning experiment, I clicked a lot of buttons that supposedly indicated my advertising preferences, so I got to edit “out” the most annoying aspects of global capitalism — tracking advertising. We will see what ads follow me, since my preferences are largely political non-profits and politics. So it’s not like I won’t be asked for anything.

I figured it was worth experimenting with the newly tweaked FB, even with all of MZ’s antics (consorting with Modi, which was well covered by all mainstream sources, like). WSJ gets it — though you have to realize that all 5 reasons are unsafe at any speed for democracy.

Since I still haven’t found the “dis”-like button. I guess my preference foray is too much found freedom and authenticity. If it were this easy to refine my ad-line, then . . .

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