Misogyny has No Party


All this Hillary-versus-Joe talk got me thinking: Misogyny knows no American political party — that is, the Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties within the American two-party system both have strands of misogyny, or what I call neotribalism.
The Biden-promoting or Joe-talking Democrats don’t acknowledge this, any more than the Democrats serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee realized during now-Justice Clarence Thomas’s nomination hearings that the former head of the EEOC being accused of sexual harassment was political dirt-digging gold for undermining his nomination. The GOP, after all, was shamelessly self-serving in putting Thomas up for Marshall’s seat. So is the GOP now.
What the Biden-talking Democrats are counting on is the inside-the-“progressive”-party misogyny in the American two-party legacy of neotribalism. That is to say, all those folks who vote in their self-interest — which is to say, the 5 percent who are NOT in protected identity categories (i.e. women, children, men and women between 18 and 21, LGBTQers, persons with different abilities or disabilities, as well as those older than 39 (age discrimination is for everyone 40 years old and older).
Hillary Clinton may be just as centrist as Joe, and Bernie is pushing her properly progressively leftwards (plus he’s being a good partisan by squashing all third-party rumors, unlike the Donald).
So this is how Hillary is harmed by talk of Joe running? This would be how her Ready for Hillary team could lose control?
Put differently, the 5 percent I’m addressing are SLAMs and SCAMS.  Shouldn’t democracy — with a small D or a big D — protect 95 percent of the American populace? That’s my definition of small-d democracy, even if all those who are for Joe say it ain’t so.
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