Did Renee Ellmers Cost Keven McCarthy His Job (Speaker of the House), and If So Will She be Returned to Congress?

10382767_1534796020141081_2450810880076967288_n Why didn’t Kevin get the big seat in the House of Representatives — Speaker of the House? What was the tipping point for the GOP? (The Speaker of the House wins by majority and sits behind the President of the United States when he gives the State of the Union Address, typically. It is a non-partisan position.)

Well, it was reported last January that Kevin had an open secret — an affair with the Honorable Renee Ellmers, a Republican member of the House from North Carolina. Who ratted them out? Renee, of course.

My item on the affair got erased from my site — ruthobrien.org — around late January or February when the Right tried to snip me into silence – or, put more precisely, delete evidence of this tawdry tell-all affair between two allegedly professional members from the GOP’s side of the House (who both had families and constituencies and are Tea Party conservatives).

Yet, if the conservative “Got News” is similar to “RedState” or other sketchy right-wing sites, this link will not last long. Check it out now.

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