Right Wing Cowards Hacking Again…. (workarounds)

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Posted on March 23, 2014 by Ruth O’Brien

The Right Wing is snipping all the menus for my web site again.  Last time Rush labeled me “Professorette” in an attempt to humiliate me after the Weasel snippers (Right Wingers hackers who in 2013 admitted it, at least).  Obviously I know how to get to them.

What Cowards!  Instead of countering, they just try to silence.

The main book they are the most bothered by is :

2013 Out of Many, One: Obama and the 3rd American Political Tradition (University of Chicago Press)

Here is a sheet of key concepts with blog URLs that illustrates this book after publication.  This is why Rush Limbaugh so rudely calls me a “professorette.”  Clearly the right can’t stand up to a woman in academia (aren’t we supposed to be in Ivy towers?)

Blogs explaining key concepts from Out of Many, One: Obama & the Third American Political Tradition

These blogs discuss the key concepts behind Obama’s contribution to the third American political tradition during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns and his first presidential term.  The blogs showcase these ideas in Obama’s second term, since my book covers only the first Obama administration.

The blogs explain Obama’s worldview:

— Hell on Earth belief — Obama accepts and understands evil, but embraces the perfectibility of humankind

— Obama’s Spinozan ethics — his reliance on Baruch Spinoza, including the Euclidean logic of necessary & sufficient

The blogs illustrate Obama’s ideology, which is universally anti-universal and embraces earned egalitarianism and equality on the basis of difference, not sameness, and my interpretation of his rainbow cosmopolitanism.  Obama also rejects the classical liberal split between the private and the public spheres, opting for an all-encompassing social sphere.

The blogs cover specific issues that underscore Obama’s perspective about identity politics or civil rights, including the GOP’s 2012 War on Women; neotribalism; what role religion plays, given Obama’s worldview about Hell on Earth; and his battle against the Roberts Court, particularly regarding race, gender, and religion.

The blogs explain how Obama has manifested the third American political tradition in his governance style in both domestic and foreign policy.  This includes Obama’s modus operandi and his penchant for executive action, given party polarization and congressional obstruction and delay.  In particular, the blogs about the implementation of Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act also highlight how Obama used what Out of Many, One calls “federalism for public purpose.”  This structure created a type of diagonal and horizontal federalist scaffold or structure that still could instill citizen action in what I refer to as domestic non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Finally, the blogs illustrates how Obama governed, cementing a rainbow cosmopolitan cultural coalition despite the best efforts of Obama haters (including birthers and Tea Partiers), and the role that racial scripting played in Obama’s leadership.  (Racial scripting is a sophisticated 21st-century form of racism and racial consciousness, often stripped of overt or malicious racial intent.)

But I can imagine they are also unnerved by —

Bodies in Revolt: Gender, Disability, and a Workplace Ethic of Care (New York: Routledge Press)

Crippled Justice: The History of Modern Disability Policy in the Workplace   (University of Chicago Press) + Gustavus Myers Center Outstanding Book Award Honorable Mention

Workers’ Paradox: The Republican Origins of the New Deal Labor Policy, 1886-1935(University of North Carolina Press)

(edited) Telling Stories Out of Court: Narratives about Women and Workplace Discriminatio(ILR Division, Cornell University Press)

(edited & ½ book’s essays) Voices from the Edge: Narratives about the Americans with Disabilities Act (Oxford University Press, USA)  + Gustavus Myers Center Outstanding Book Award Honorable Mention

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