Immigration: Make-or-Break for Obama and the GOP


Posted on June 10, 2013 by Ruth O’Brien

Everything seems to be riding on immigration reform. Not only will it determine the future of the Republican party, but a workable deal will underscore Obama’s legacy as a successful second-term president.

Given the importance  of immigration reform — just as everything  seems to be riding on it — there’s a lot of blaming going on too. Supposedly, if Obama fails to lead immigration reform through Congress, it could “reignite anger among Mr. Obama’s Latino supporters . . .” For Republicans, it will reveal how strong the conservative movement is within the party.

Failing all-out sabotage, Mario Rubio proposes taking immigration out of the Obama’s hands: Congress, not the Department of Homeland Security, would determine the plan for border security. Can we imagine any more of a mess than letting Congress protect our borders? Obama is willing to compromise, but an institutional power-grab like this is absurd.

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Professor Ruth O'Brien, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York (CUNY)/ & Honorary Unaffiliated Academic Book Series Editor for The Public Square, Princeton University Press & Heretical Thought, Oxford University Press, USA Last book: Out of Many, One: Obama & the Third American Political Tradition (U of Chicago 2013). Social Media training by 365 Publics. Nickname: Professorette by Rush Limbaugh (see

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