Christie’s Misdirection Play

christie 1 christie 2

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Ruth O’Brien

Governor Chris Christie knew what we all knew he knew.  But the Gov, being so savvy, also knew to release the cover-up . . . when? Ahh, on Friday night before the “New York” Super Bowl.  What a big “duh.”

And this being New Jersey means he’s the governor not from where*– but of “what exit” fame or infamy, which means the whole state is now going to have to hear about Bridge and Tunnel Gate.

*Mistake intended  — the Super Bowl, for all those who don’t know what exit to take, is being played in New Jersey.  As is their cultural right, the Super Bowl is being billed as being played in NYC (Bill de Blasio and Hillary’s town), not X (wherever it is . . .).

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