Women Warriors and the War on Women, Part II

girl with gun

At last Obama’s defense against the War on Women has his administration placing women in war — combat, that is.  The Obama administration lifted a Pentagon rule put into place, oddly enough, during the Clinton administration that restricted women from engaging in combat.

This is another example of how Obama fulfills what theNew York Times calls the president’s “liberal agenda.”  That’s misleading: The term “liberal” has more to do with the size of government (big or small) and economics (to regulate or deregulate the economy).  It does not capture the cultural dimension of Obama’s agenda:  its cosmopolitanism.  Obama advances a contemporary cosmopolitan culture that promotes difference and diversity.

During the 2012 election, the more Obama protected women from the Republican War on Women, the more he won public opinion, cementing his rainbow cosmopolitan coalition.

The paradox of Obama’s presidency during his first term was that to be sustained, his achievements, like issuing transgender passports, had to be buried.  Now it’s the reverse.  To advance a cosmopolitan civic action — action that features diversity and difference — Obama will boldly take every executive action possible to help our culturally diverse citizenry become fully engaged, and will dare the other branches — both the legislature and the judiciary — to follow suit.

Since cultural advances like these are rarely reversed in democratic nations, the Republicans have every reason to fear that, as Obama continues to lead his rainbow coalition, they will not be able to get rid of the cosmopolitanism underlying it.

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About Professor Ruth O'Brien

Professor Ruth O'Brien, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York (CUNY)/ & Honorary Unaffiliated Academic Book Series Editor for The Public Square, Princeton University Press & Heretical Thought, Oxford University Press, USA Last book: Out of Many, One: Obama & the Third American Political Tradition (U of Chicago 2013). Social Media training by 365 Publics. Nickname: Professorette by Rush Limbaugh (see http://www.gc.cuny.edu/Faculty/Core-Bios/Ruth-O-Brien)

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