Equality Cases, Supreme Court Full Text, 2013


Supreme Court Docket for 2013(SCOTUS)


Immigration & Citizenship

Arizona v.Inter Tribal Council of Arizona(striking down punitive state voting law, requiring proof of citizenship)

Diversity & Race

Fisher v. University of Texas (sending diversity as affirmative action down to lower level)

Voting Rights

Shelby v. Holder (Formula for preclearance declared unconstitutional by 5-4 majority with Chief Justice writing for the majority, rendering key blow to Voting Rights Act of 1965).

Native American Rights

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

Workplace Discrimination, an EEOC expansive definition struck down

Vance v. Ball State University (restricting the Obama administration’s EEOC’s expansive definition of who constitutes a supervisor.  Defining who supervises who in employment is vital for sexual harassment situations .  Unlike anti-discrimination based upon the intent of the person discriminating, sexual harassment is based upon either the creation of ahostile workplace environment and/ a quid pro quo situation.  Actions rather than intent count in sexual harassment situations. This makes management accountable for supervisors they have been informed harass an employee.  Management, in other words, faces responsibility for keeping a harassing supervisor in place.

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