Who’s Supporting Whom? Hillary & Barack

Posted by Ruth O’Brien


By now you’ve heard the headlines — that is, unless you have your head in the sand or are hiding your radio, iPad, iPod, pod, vod, or any other medium for a blog under a rock. Better yet, you could be pretending it’s still late August and enjoying that last day on what must be a deserted beach. But otherwise, you’ve heard the headlines that “Hillary Supports Obama on Syria.” The headline appears on conservative, liberal, foreign, and barely foreign (owned by Rupert) media and screens of all types.

But since when does a wannabe contender — from the same party, no less — “support” a sitting president, particularly if this same contender left the very office that is now officially charged with “supporting” Obama? Lame duck or otherwise, isn’t this backwards? Not since RFK stole LBJ’s thunder have we witnessed such a demoralized lame-duck president, and even Lyndon didn’t have to put up with it for more than 6 months. (And don’t forget Bob, the declawed Secretary of State.)

If there weren’t so much preparing to do (for the invasion), one might even feel sorry for Bob and Barack.  But hey, who knows, maybe Hillary, Bob, and Barack have a deal — they’ve decided Joe (Biden) will get to fly around on an airplane during her entire presidency as a consolation prize, while Obama pulls a Bill, Hillary, or Jimmy by becoming a diplomat with no power but plenty of time to rest and collect speaker monies.

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