Obama & CUNY’s State-Local-National-International Politics

n huskers

Terrific publicity for one of the largest (if not now the largest,  given our almost 1/2 million-person enrollment) great public universities – the City University of New York (CUNY).

There are three links to put together while we are in our honeymoon period or wait-and- see mode with J.B. or our new CUNY-Chancellor-to-Be, while he untangles New York City, New York state, and federal government hybrid-intricacies in our politics.

Look closely while you (or one) connectsthose dots . . . And we can only hope that our new Chancellor’s Midwestern charm will help us in Washington — D.C. that is.

Obama is issuing those regs (executive action) in a fast-and-furious fashion that will only increase.  Let’s hope higher education remains on Obama’s To Do list, along with climate control and sending out canvassers to implement healthcare.  Guess his days as a community organizer paid off after all.

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