GOP Punishes CNN & NBC for Featuring Hillary the Docudrama Queen

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Boy! Or should I say my, my “boys” (by boys I’m referencing the GOP’s good ol’ white boys), you have turned this into a brawl, with the Republican party just voting to “punish” CNN and NBC for running a documentary and a mini-series about Hillary Clinton.
The GOP won’t let either network sponsor Republican-primary debates. What terrible punishment not to see the likes of Rand Paul debating Marco Rubio, or some woman that they dredge up from their past, like Sarah Palin (though the GOP still seems shellshocked from how well she outmaneuvered them so, I dunno if they’ll go there). What a shame that CNN and NBC didn’t listen to GOP chair Reince Priebus’s warning that they would face RNC retaliation.

On one hand, Hillary’s critics emphasize all the “drama” surrounding Hillary Clinton (her husband, her aide Huma Abedin’s husband former Congressman Weiner) by referencing it as “Clintonland” and trying to turn it into a circus, especially on FOX “News.” And yet, on the other hand, the GOP is afraid that Hillary’s story will make her look so good that the two shows will be “little more than extended commercials supporting Secretary Clinton.” Please.

The GOP needs to decide which side they’re on — pro-drama or anti-saga Hillary Clinton — at least if they want us not to suspect that she’s such a great warrior in the war against women that they’re really afraid of the real drama. And quite possibly this will be riveting once NBC and CNN string a few narratives together, so I guess I can’t blame them for being as scared of Hillary as they came to be of Sarah Palin.

Perhaps the GOP’s war on women is simply fear? Before I get carried away with this logic, though, who slaps who in male-dominated GOP households? PEW ought to do a poll — but then again, we know which party was against the Violence Against Women Act that President Obama signed into law last spring as well as the link between the GOP and guns.

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