Please VOTE. I could write a silly or frivolous (“lame” is out, just as “denigrating” is out, I hope that doesn’t offend anyone) post.

What I do know is that my domestic and hopefully my international direct-action sons are each voting in their respective locations, though they get mad at me, if I say vote, please vote.

Congress may be crooked. And I do know this firsthand, having run off to Congress at 16 years old, and staying until I was 18 years old and I saw someone throw down cockroaches in a brown paper bag. It did create a stir, too, though when we were trained, constantly, not to carry boxes, bags . . . all those things that could contain anything from insects to rodents to the tools of violence.

Indeed, I recall the fun we had, running up and down a very specific set of marble steps and having one senior congressional page tell me these were bullets from the war of 1812. Imagine, I thought. So I went home that night having looked up the “story,” and while these marks may or may not have been from this origin, they were definitely bullets, and it was closed to all but members of Congress, their VIP guests, and then the congressional pages — we were treated early on no better than rodents.

I overheard two female staff members gossiping about people who were known, and the one said to the other, “shush.” and pointed at me. The rumor monger’s reply was “no matter, she’s just a page.” And we were, until none other than DEMINT (get url) got rid of them. Being underage meant we were jailbait. And DeMint wanted to get, not the girls out of the way, but the boys, after Mark Foley got caught and this didn’t play well with his district or his home state of Florida, as I recall.

Well, you gotta laugh or cry so I choose the former option đŸ™‚

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