Misogynistic Detail?

Now, Speaker’s (the first female)’s partners or kids and grandkids get no protection, and to top it off, all the harassment (sexual, again male/female, not male on female) is controlled by a man carrying a sink in San Francisco. Does he even have card that happens to be the color of not the sea, the sky, or deserts, or the clouds?

Check your own APP or “the” News. Seems to me the headlines are all you need, and they’re free! What glee. Horizontal thinking, spectrum or sliding supremacist acting, or heretical thought or simply the sport of misogynistic doxing that women, not men, are better at, or that’s just my personal and/or professional experience. Or could it be Kate Mann’s “whack-a-mole”thinking, describing misogyny as the enforcement arm of sexism, patriarchal, and hierarchical thinking — which is cultural, social, economic, political, and definitely going global and remaining local as the English “take” decisions, and Americans make decisions.

What do you think – @thegreenphantom2 or @jcaputi, the latter having published a book in OUP, USA’s Heretical Thought in which the part of the thesis that appealed to me was the America(s) origins of the notion of a “mother-f###er!@#$%^&!” Take a look.

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