Kamala as “Mama-ela”

Nothing better than that. Do I have to say Harris? We can certainly applaud Maya Rudolph, though.

FYI, Mama-ela or WOP (read Woman as President, okay, the O is off) but good enough for me and Fred, since we like our acronyms. (SLAMs, SCAMs, SLIMs – Fred coins them just as he coined PRISM when I taught it the second time around — it is Power, Resistance, Identities, and Social Movements, or my take on social movements in the United States and abroad.)

American social movements used to have an impact. Our social-movement leaders from the 18th and 19th and 20th and 21st centuries influence those in Europe and other continents as well.

Take a look at my favorite crossover — crossing the Atlantic backwards, in other words — and that is Gluing in Paris. Check it out. #BLM influenced them. I wrote about Bodies in Revolt a lot earlier in 2005 and never came up with a name as clever as Kamala asa Mammala — we can argue about the spelling. Certain people can complain about pronouncing WOP, though it is spelled WAP.

I am certainly teaching the American Presidency* from this perspective, not that I knew that Kamala would even become Mammala, let alone that WAP is pronounced WAP!!!!!!!!

Having waited 20 years and having been appointed EO three times, DEO two times, I never got picked to teach this. Of course I was required to teach it when in my tenure-track and tenured positions (I went straight from Ph.D. almost done to tenure-track positions.)

Oh yeah, and I wrote, what, 4 books that depend on the American presidency and involved me using documents from presidents (T. Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, not Eisenhower, but then JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and of course Obama). but I couldn’t convince the man who taught me about the American presidency to read my book on Obama (oh well) and abandon my original field of capitalism and political theory. He was a great inspiration, Sterling Professor at Yale University Stephen Skowronek, that is.

I’m now sufficiently presidential or senior to get this assignment. I’m thrilled. So, now I realize I gotta fill in and gain more presidents’ documents — so, having interviewed only Ronald Reagan, I am now looking at documents from George to William (that is, Washington to McKinley) in my 385-year history of heretical women who are my direct descendants. While only one of us got to vote (in New Jersey, where women could vote between 1792 and 1801) before suffrage, we found workarounds — means to participate in politics when men told us to shhhh or even shut the *&^%? up, like CMC’s club the GCO, led by faculty and students. I think all the faculty were men, but . . . . .

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