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I realize that A.O.C. tells it like it is. And putting it in a perverse way, we can ask if Trump’s 750 dollars he surrenders on federal court taxes or the I.R.S. will be the last straw? I dunno.

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I did get one of my friends to laugh when I suggested we all pitch in — a 10-person pod — and pay his taxes this year. Think about it, wouldn’t that be fun?

Another way to look at it is that for all the white supremacy that is being mentioned and discussed, in the end, Trump has not passed any anti-Civil Rights legislation. To be sure, he has destroyed the lives of so many children and their parents who cross borders. But he has passed no legislation other than tax reform.

Yet do “the people” care? Trump will most likely prevail with getting his Supreme Court nominee on the bench. This is another nail in the coffin of a country that has lacked a national agenda, not just national leaders who reflect what most people want.

At the beginning of the millennium, the Rehnquist Court rolled back the extent of federal authority with little notice. The Court limited the central government’s reach, giving more rights to people wanting guns but not helping those PwD (read: people with disabilities) and women who need protection from violence.

Putting her on the bench will have a long-lasting effect, long past my years. But as A.O.C. just said, maybe we “deserve to decline.”

As one vote of 435, she has little power other than as a national spokesperson. She unpacks issues like intersectionality very well and has enraged the “progressive” Democrats as much as or more than Republicans. A.O.C. is closing the age gap.

So it seems to me that Separation of Powers no longer works. There are not three equal branches sharing powers. Nor is there one branch, like a unitary executive that can get much done. What we can see looking at the 20th and 21st centuries is that the U.S. government functions well only if a President is a national representative and does not rig the Supreme Court.

This joining of the Presidency and the Judiciary is toxic. The President should lead Congress or defer to Congress without the Judiciary striking down legislation on issues like gun control, violence against women, and protection of persons with disabilities.#

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