No Photo Zone: Is Portland Cracked?

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I am certainly not in Portlandia. Trying to load my personal photos in a location more than the 5-block radius my son must abide by as a no-go zone after being booked by the Feds, I discovered that almost all my photographs are blocked for “security” reasons.

While I’m not surprised that our Anti-Presidency President Trump tasks the Feds to beat up journalists, I am not surprised that this is not allowed. (Double negative intended.) The better question is: Why would Anti-Presidency Trump allow anyone to take pictures?

A bit surprised Trump missed the irony, though, of tasking all these Feds to protect the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. The irony drips and we don’t even need a statue. Misogyny first? Men first, even when Anti-Presidency Trump has a great Republican for law and order-bashing moment where he could get us all looking at disgraced 6-term liberal Republican Senator Hatfield assaulting so many of his female employees that he resigned almost as quickly as liberal Democratic Senator Al Franken from Minnesota?

Thought the alt-right was supposed to be so alt, even their young (or is he just so sloppy?) don’t get the irony that Hatfield’s not exactly a General Lee, but he should go. Why don’t they jump all over the hypocrisy of the old alt-left-and the Christie Todd Whitman Republicans for the Rule of Law? Why don’t the likes of @AndyNgo note that the 114 Feds (staying at the Marriott) are protecting a building named after a 30-year-serving “supposedly liberal” Republican Senator Hatfield, who left in disgrace? (His embarrassed wife. Antoinette, has quite a few things named after her a bit up the hill.)

I can only hope #MeToo would denounce him, given how many women he sexually harassed and assaulted during his career, ending in 1995. Part of the disgraced President Bill Clinton crowd.

Besides, I’m not here as a journalist but as a woman (mother) and an academic, who has had so many #MeToo moments that I don’t tell my graduate students so as not to discourage them from entering the academy. (My sons tell me that the reason they have so many girlfriends is that they are not “as****les” so not only the women but their mothers seemed to love them.)

Once the Feds jumped my second son and started flagging his mug shot everywhere (so he’d get beaten up by the likes of @AndyNgo and his crowd, I guess), I got on a plane despite being vulnerable as a PwD in a pandemic (having chronic disabilities and illnesses does tend to make a person vulnerable). My son’s brother already got beaten up and mugged by the Kent State PD in Ohio. I was thankful he didn’t end up in a coma, like the other protester against the gun-toting crowd at Kent State called into action again by a misogynistic alt-right woman, if memory serves well.

Talk about universities and the police — this is at least one tiny area where we could #defundthepolice #PortlandProtests as we get them off our grounds. With more Police Departments (PDs = 18,000) than McDonald’s (13,800) in the U.S., this will be hard.

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