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Massimiliano Tomba’s Insurgent Universality: An Alternative Legacy of Modernity was published this fall in the Oxford University Press Heretical Thought series, where I serve as the book series editor.

Max’s book He will be presenting a lecture on this book at the Graduate Center, Thursday, February 13 at 6 PM (double check). Everyone is invited, not only the Graduate Center Community. Max’s talk will be riveting, I’m sure.

“Aims to bridge European and non-European contexts in alternative trajectories of modernity and radical political experiments

Challenges the dominant conceptualization of juridical “universalism” and proposes a conception of insurgent universality that is rooted in alternative traditions of modernity

Provides a new historical-theoretical framework in which multiple temporal layers coexist and conflict with each other.”

Several years ago, Max served as a Fellow at the Committee on Globalization and Social Change at the Graduate Center. Max left his university professorship in Italy and recently moved to the well-known, and iconic, University of California, Santa Cruz, Historical Consciousness Department.

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