The Big Omm

download  My son is spending his junior year abroad, in one of those strong social-welfare states where they not only take care of everybody, but they care about the world (and put their national dollars toward it), even if it is an insufferably smug nation with a “golden” past.

Now we’ve got our own chance (finally), and we won’t ever be considered smug. It’s the Big O or Omm — Oprah — for president, and “Big” has everything to do with vision, not meditation. There is no “omm” here.  O is for openness — inclusivity — intersectional issues that will resonate and reverberate as we navigate the long, long recovery of our nation’s character, its integrity, its soul.

Oprah will be a social-movement president writ large. FYI, these are the best kind, or at least that’s what I discovered in Workers’ Paradox and the Republican Origins of  the New Deal Labor Policy and Out of Many One, Obama and the Third American Political Tradition, and numerous articles.

We should elect Oprah Winfrey as a person who turns everything she does into gold — or is impeccable in knowing her limits, and of course knowing how to delegate with dignity, let alone authority and impact. Rather than spending any time disabusing anyone of the obvious, she’s not a TV star but rather an international, global phenomenon of Rupert Murdoch proportions in terms of impact — impact that counts more, impact that can affect all of us (Americans) and “them” more or all the people we other in a shameful way.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Trump set her up. She’s the backlash president to the backlash president (i.e. Trump to Obama)  — though not a one-issue president, given that she’s a restore-the-social-welfare-state president, all while she’s going to resuscitate our international reputation. And she’s that charismatic president who not only knows how to bargain but has vision, presence or what Max Weber would be proud to call a classic charismatic leader.  (And charisma, btw, is something you can’t learn.)

It’s not just for the U.S. — think of us and them, though please consider yourself a them given we live in less than courageous times despite the Millenials.  That’s what we are now to those in all nation-states: a “them.” You could argue that Trump was our comeuppance. I for one would rather forget about this and move on to elect the Big O, all the while saying “omm” to ensure my own peace and tranquility.

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