Trump’s Deal with the Congressional Democrats — Are We Surprised, Really?

  I’m not. Trump is a Big Public Spending, Big Subsidy Corrupt Party Politician — otherwise known as a Republican . . . or, oops, is that a congressional Pelosi-like issue-corrupted Democrat who has not served urban America, let alone the urban poor (i.e. women and children) or any other constituency since the 1970s-80s? (See Chapter 3 of my Out of Many, One.)

Though Trump is desperate to shape one party or another as he tries to come up with a plan other than getting all the vulnerable congressional Republicans canned, I’m not surprised at the people he breaks legislative bread with. He’s got to eat. And by that I mean as a president who should lead the legislative branch.

The next question is how many trolls does $100,000 buy? No one is surprised by the Facebook fakeout. What’s interesting here is that, as the New York Times article points out, it’s all in the issues, not the candidates. Could this help Republicans and Democrats start choosing sides in terms of defining what is conservative and what is liberal? FYI, it’s not liberal in any sense of the word to have abandoned those who reside in urban areas from the 1970s onwards.

And when it comes to harming actual employees — of course — of the new class of white propertied men who live in or like rural areas (for second homes — say, on Long Island if you’re a Scaramucci), Trump is not going to help them unless they take the bait that they’re entrepreneurs who can’t be fired, not employees who might like overtime and benefits. (Take a look at the Solicitor General’s shocking turnaround from Obama’s Solicitor General’s support of upcoming Supreme Court cases. Then triangulate this with the “reverse discrimination” cases coming out of Attorney General Jeff Session’s or the AG’s office in education and employment.) This is an aside for later, and material for at least 3 dissertations or books BTW.

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