Trump’s Horns (of a Dilemma?)

  What an amazing accommodation. What an amazing compromise between the Repubs and the Democrats.

Or should we call it a lose-lose proposition? Senator Chuck Schumer’s “STRONG” bill? What a proposition (or poison pill, if Trump fails to take his medicine?).  In any case, if I were not at the beach, in 3 minutes I would be watching all the D.C. morning shows broadcast from the supposed SWAMP.

Who knew Trump could be in the position of being a “human rights president” if he signs this law restricting Putin, helping the Crimea, and assistng other human-rights victims?

Who knew all these backdoor dealings in Trump Tower and other Trump locations could backfire and lead to a bipartisan consensus making the Trump administration the toughest human-rights-police president, enforcing sanctions against his pal, Putin?

Guess Putin will have to think before he puts an American president in this position again.

Trump doesn’t need any advisors today (good thing, since Sean Spicer quit and Jeff Sessions is surely packing).  Trump knows there are only three words for a bipartisan bill (or contract on property) this good — sign, sign, sign.  And sign it before everybody comes back from the beach.

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