CUNY & SUNY Free Tuition

Saori-Shoots-BMCC  We are close to re-achieving what CUNY once had, and extending it to SUNY — that is, free tuition.  Unlike the way it was before the fallout of the New York City bankruptcy in 1976, this time around the state is making qualification for free tuition income-dependent.  Tuition is free to families making under $100,000 per year today, and up to $125,000 by 2018.  Almost a million families qualify (940,000 to be precise).  Wow!

Just think if all the tri-state public colleges got in on this, giving free tuition to residents of all three states, allowing students to attend CUNY, SUNY, Rutgers, and U Conn, to name a few of the public institutions.  What an educational powerhouse the New York City area would be.  Perhaps New Jersey’s next governor might start thinking like a big progressive too.  No matter what, Bernie Sanders started something.

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