Trump, Geert, Sessions Knocked Out and Hawaii Wins (This Muslim-Ban Round)

Trump is knocked off the right-hand column as Judge Derrick K. Watson gives the death stare — defying the president. Hawaii and multiculturalism win this round, as pompous populists like Geert Wilders, too, are knocked off their populist pedestals. Don’t feel sorry for him; after all, Geert (pronounced more like heert) is not hurt, as he has better service (secret-service bodyguards), free limousines, and social-media time for tweeting now that he has his snow-blowing or cocaine problem presumably under control. Folks in no longer tolerant Holland (never, really — don’t think Anne Frank, rather remember those who ratted her out, and that the Dutch had 30,000 folks volunteer to be “volks” after the Germans captured this supposedly civilized nation) (think Puritan and puritanical, not tolerant and cool) found Geert a bit wilder than they were looking for.

But back to the point: Sessions — our attorney general, the most important cop in the capital — called back his lies in less than 24 hours about the absurdity of Hawaiian former President Barack Obama planting bugs in Trump’s beloved Tower. Today, at least, is one for the reasonable, emotionally stable team cheering for tolerance and civility, not bellicosity.

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