He Who Recuses Himself Accuses Himself

15KUSHNER2-thumbStandard-1.jpg  My family and I don’t communicate with our realtor. Does this mean the realtor won’t get us a marketable — what the market won’t bear — price?

Neither, he tells us, does Jared Kushner talk with anyone at his family business. This recusing business is not very surprising, though the logic of it, in terms of thinking they are fooling the public, is confounding — so confounding that it makes Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon roll over. Why didn’t he think of this when he worked for Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover? He survived the Teapot Dome scandal, Silent Cal, and Herbert Hoover’s engineering corporatism, all on his one-dollar-a-year salary?

At least Jared does appear to be catching his dad-in-law’s aging rays, as he is getting that raccoon look. Time to hit the slopes, or at least the tanning salon.

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