Unbending Opposition

apsabuildingstreetview1  Unbent? Not bent or twisted. The New York Times headlines are getting more creative with the paper’s 2020 report out.  Despite all the white faces on the front page above the fold, and the fact that there may soon be more tenured or tenure-track political-science professors than staff journalists (who are being halved again after already being halved 10 years ago, though their ranks are more diverse than political science, by far).  Alas, the white men in power with Trump are white men . . . now even the one white woman went down for plagiarism . . . and now all others are relegated to victimhood as they face us above the fold.

What really gets me, though, is the New York Times‘s and the Washington Post‘s nostalgia. Really? I supposedly drank the Obama Kool-Aid in not supporting HRC, but rather Barack first — in 2008, and certainly got Hillaried/Romneyed for it.

At least as we hit rock bottom, or will see the Faces at the Bottom of the Well, we will be getting great comedy, and real progressivism, or — dare I say it? — even leftism. And who knows, maybe all the SLAMs will admit that women can be funny, (or not,) as there will be no women to parody in this administration. But at least there might be a few women to grope — or I guess we have to wait until those pics start floating in clouds that come down to earth. Time will tell. And even then, it’s rather unseemly to do a pile-on parody of them.  Or should it be: Wars tell all — eventually — even domestic ones.

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