The Times is Afraid of Time(s)?

th What time is it? Certainly not time for Bernie to step out.   It’s time for him to step up and capture the global sentiment of revolutionary reform (a contradiction in terms, if there ever was one).  But Bernie’s voters could do it.

But who cares? It’s more than American potential voters. The youth across the world – from Rio de Janeiro to Las Vegas is on a tear.  They care (about global political and economic corruption or global political economy, please).

And it feels (I’m not saying it is) like it’s going to be a bigger tear than Occupy Wall Street. The students from Wall Street, New York City to Madrid picked up something in their failed attempt to do anything other than sell t-shirts when they chickened out with their leader-less, supposedly horizontal, go-nowhere (easy to suppress) so-called movement.^

So hey, stop editorializing and calling it news on the “front page” – and telling us that Bernie is like Teddy (Roosevelt). That’s apples* and oranges.

And to think Jonathan Mahler and Yamiche Alcindor call him liberal just because he’s old (and old-fashioned) and rails against economic inequality and for social justice – creating the biggest leftist, “not liberal,”** mailing list?

What’s wrong with a good mailing list? Isn’t this the place to start? Bernie’s not going to win, and he well could cause Hillary’s defeat (or he will, most likely).

Pouty-prince Trump will win. President big-rump Trump being a bully mobilizes Bernies’ people in the United States, at least.**** But hey again, it’s not really about 2016.

The race, as I hear it best described in the United States, is about 2020 – the year of the census, or the year of possibilities for real representational democratic change given redistricting that determines voting rules on a state by state basis.

No – if Bernie is like anyone, he’s like Eugene (Debs that is) in 1916 and so the capitalists, and their thugs (known as politicians who follow different forms of the Wall Street inequalities – like Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer – engineer of the Red Scare) will have to beat down***, and control the press while they’re doing it.)

And to think that the prints this on the very same “front” page as they call out conservative billionaire Sheldon G. Adelson; and Jeff Bezos (who bought their competition, the Washington Post) for interfering with free press.

The Times is clearly afraid of Times – political time that is. *****



^The moralistic youthful temporary resident in my domicile thinks I’m too harsh, and folks who have nothing to lose and are now this individual’s age have been on a rant for years.

*Who can eat apples these days anyway – either you can’t afford organic or you can’t find organic in blue stores like Costco given our hegemonic system of global inequality or the billionaire shut-the-rest-of-us-up-economy. Plus, we all know their either smothered in pesticides, unfairly picked by little children, or irradiated so way out of season—as to be best called Frankenfruit).

**liberal is the old-fashioned word for what progressives now call progressive thought, though Hillary Clinton has commandeered this terms.

***Who said the sovereign state wasn’t large? New York City alone has the largest number of people with guns in the world, commandeered by one politician, Mayor de Blasio.

**** A President Trump will undoubtedly weigh in and try to get them to change their headlines but again, who cares? It’s better for freedom of press to have more of it, than to have to read the front page of the New York Times for anything other than the early-morning-outrage factor.

*****Non-chronological time – time to do something (i.e. political time in terms of American Political Development, a subfield in the study of politics or present-ism in history, otherwise known as contemporary history – another oxymoron which is really code for juxtapositions that produce counter-intuitive thought or critical thinking).


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