Where’s the Bus to Philly? (July 25 at the Convention)

BTPlogoScene_at_the_Signing_of_the_Constitution_of_the_United_States  Talk about a real Tea Party!  Or should I say an improved Tea Party, one that will practice only civil disobedience Henry Thoreau style?

Elizabeth Arnold, who started EDGE*, and Nina Turner, a Sanders surrogate, got it right, whereas Harry (Senator Reid, NV) and Roberta Lange** (NV Democratic chair) got it wrong.

Barbara got it even wronger (Senator Boxer, CA).  She doesn’t want the Sanders supporters to protest because “it’s distressing.”  Really!!?!*&?

Our youth are finally practicing Occupy Wall Street–like tactics for the upcoming Democratic convention.  I doubt that many “chairs will fly” in Philly, so why doesn’t the Democratic party stop whining?

A candidate cannot be opposed to Citizens United while others are staging a demonstration that enacts the real protest against Citizens United and not be labeled a hypocrite.  Yes, HC, that’s you.  Hillary Clinton’s got to win this primary election the fair way if she expects to win the general election against Donald Trump.

Otherwise, what always happens will happen again — voters will turn away from the American polls the American way (with their feet), and the rest of the world will get to call us an “apathetic nation.”  For our enemies, the emphasis is always on the root: pathetic.  I, for one, would like to be free of that.

* End Dirty Gas Exploitation, an environmental-justice group.

** No one should threaten death, and especially not death to one’s family, who believes – really believes – in our First Amendment


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