Harming Hillary

images-1  KayDaly Do Democrats want to put a Democrat in the White House? Why complain about the absence of Democratic contenders now? If you’re a self-interested member of the GOP, sure — that GOP-someone who wins the White House will get to nominate four to five Supreme Court justices on what is already an ultra-conservative Roberts Court.

A long time ago, the Literary Digest existed to distill the news from within towns, and from town to town. Social-media news-gathering devices do that now. It’s the algorithms that get your blood boiling about the misinformation, the superficial or cynical, self-serving spins, or the outright fabrications. I’d collect them all, but that would be defeating the purpose of Democrats who want to put a Democrat into the White House, with Bernie playing his part of pushing Hillary leftward. (Thanks, Bernie!)

Here are a couple of outliers to substantiate my neotribalism/SLAMs-and-SCAMs viewpoint. “Hillary Clinton Takes Epic Tumble While Boarding Airplane.”

I’d say the mainstream media, which pretends to be in the middle, and objective, of course does the most damage. Never mind the less-than-subtly negative New York Times. What about the New Yorker’s “How to Beat Hillary Clinton” headline? (Who cares if it’s ironic or doing the switcheroo to get you to read past the headline.)

Do the Democrats need to be more disciplined? Do we really need our national political gender diversity to come from locking-and-loading, gun-toting GOP women contenders, like incumbent Renee Ellmers, who is fending off Kay Daly, in their fight for Congress?

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