Data POP (read how – thoughtworks)

3142mjbc7yl-_ux250_ Terrific presentation at THOUGHTworks last night. Cathy O’Neil gave a stimulating presentation on her new book, Weapons of Math Destruction, about the many misuses of algorithms in business, education, the judicial system, and many other areas.

And Professor Augustin Chaintreau gave a riveting analysis containing seeds of ideas that that can be grown into ethical operating principles — or what I like to call EOP — that will rival others, particularly among those ethicists in the industry (as opposed to Professor Chaintreau being in the academy). I look forward to more dialogues as I finish my book on Juris-Diction-ALL: Informational  Imperialism.

Director and co-Founder Emmanuel Letouzé asked questions that lead us to explore issues of agency (people, not IoT) and the dilemmas with efficacy. To me it’s all about how we can find humanity as we calculate and communicate in zeros and ones, given the elites’ designing power that alters or effect places, peoples, and things or what I call Informational Imperialism that stems from social spheres colliding.and creates Juris-Diction-ALL Discrimination.#