#portlandprotest quick observations morning after (an august August)

While the city on the Columbia River is still sleeping, check out #portlandprotest photos from last night in July 31 to August 1, 2020 morning.
Quick Observations: Maybe Trump could learn a thing or two from the mail in Oregon (ballot-box mail). The name Pioneer Court sounds odd, but that’s if you’re coming from Manhattan. Oregon had an overtly racist state Constitution that was never tested in the U.S. Supreme Court.
Also, so what if the mayor got hit with a bit of pepper spray or tear gas? City Hall is literally across the street and one park away from the three federal buildings. So basically it means Mayor Ted Wheeler went outside City Hall. Wish I knew that before heading West.
#portlandprotest The Apple and Louis Vuitton luggage stores seem to want to have it all, upset about the loss of their goods but now letting #portlandprotest decorate their empty store fronts. Is this so Apple left-libertarians like Tim Cook or the late Steve Jobs couldn’t relate, or since they can’t relate?
I remember reading that in 2000 Matt Bai shows that they spent virtually nothing on lobbying and now 2020 they spend more than oil and gas lobbyists. Where is Christopher Buckley when you need him to update his movie?

Political Elites, Public Opinion, Social Media or No — Women Writing Politics

Men don’t follow the rules; they make the rules.  And by rules I mean political rules that do determine economics or the market, let alone society (norms, beliefs, values, et al.).  Though women in power get to dictate in a multitude of directions (which is why they get called “uppity bitch” all the time).  (My partner does not know what color of shoes to wear to what function.)

Put differently, SMIGS (straight male, Ivy, gender speak), instead of mugs (not to be confused with maiden names), who are not all smug (who again don’t know how to pair maidens with mugs any more than Ivies and their sisters — colleges that is).

At least my mug is not smug.  He may have gone Ivy, and the only one in the largest city once controlled by the Dutch (New Netherlands), but he wasn’t about to attend HPY (our license plate – Harvard-Princeton-Yale connection, though we had no intention of being part of the “H’s: when it came to license plates).

My partner also helped me with SLAMs and SCAMs, though a great colleague thought this was insulting to men.  With a 50 percent admission rate for legacy, we are talking about a very small group of smug people, and only one gender who could get in.  Not only my partner but first generation of any nationality, let alone religion or tradition, or mixed first generation of any kind has this high of an admissions rate.  (CUNY has a much lower admissions rate, in effect, than Harvard,  Go figure.)

How do I know this?  I went from CPS (Capitol Page School) to CMC (Claremont Men’s College), where they tried to “GCO” us (Get C-word Out). This is similar to the Princeton University Press book ”Keep the Damned Women Out”: The Struggle for Coeducation.

A better way to look at gender, or women as the most trod-upon gender, is that when we enter the institution we make it stronger — intellectually first and foremost.  No more need for Gentleman’s C’s.  Having been disappointed by my mother’s notion that I only had to “earn” a Gentleman’s C, I was happy that I got into CMC instead of an all-female sister school, or the Western equivalent nearby.  She transferred from Mills to Berkeley and regretted it.  I got in via transfer and decided against going.  I preferred understanding how socialism succeeded in the former Yugoslavia rather than attending a university with more men. I didn’t even accept an invitation to be the prototype or the type of professor — University Professor — since I found California less diverse than, yes, NYC, even though it is a one-Ivy town.  UC Berkeley, or Cal, is over 85 percent privately funded with a public purpose, so where better to hide your former superiority to Harvard?

Before I forget, though I haven’t found the citation to this day to “Gov-Speak,” a Harvard thesis, MA thesis, or dissertation that gave us the rules of Gov-Speak, which is to say male speak.  And while I’m the third professor in my 11-generation family, I’m only the second one who addresses religion.  The first helped found Brown, was George Washington’s aide-de-camp, and practiced “pro-fessing,” not confessing, when he was a prof back in the 1790s.  So the first prof in my family was a prof of religion.  Back then Brown and other institutions were “liberal” (i.e. secular).  Not only did I assume that this meant the religion professor helped clean Washington’s boots, but that the town he professed in must have been Princeton or New Brunswick, not Providence, Rhode Island. Being from a radical county of a radical state — New Jersey — (which allowed women to vote for a nanosecond or from the 1790s until 1807) — he helped found the community with Native Americans from one sovereign nation.

Anarchy Finally Caught Up with Netflix

9780415945349  Anarchy finally caught up with Netflix. There is no such thing as an out-of-wedlock child, let alone “illegitimate,” but there is a parentless child, at least genetically. We live in an “on” world (i.e. computers have no or difficult to find on/off switches. Remember the radio?!). The surveillance state is old news.

More importantly, we now have genetically parentless children. This is to say it is not just government-sanctioned surveillance any more than it is a state or states that deem a child legitimate or illegitimate, like Rich Lowry, editor of National Review.

FYI, my book from 2005’s title is Bodies in Revolt, anticipating this situation by 15 years. Now the title is quoted back to me on Netflix, no less, or was it Acorn — in any case it is from the English empire (either Australia, Scotland, or England).

I gave this book the subtitle an “ethic of care” or bodily fluidity (it’s in the text) not necessarily from nature or requiring any performativity (i.e. Judith Butler). Stateless, genetically-less, “clon”-ish Bodies in Revolt are not revolting bodies.

The state is not only useless. The state is not only managed by state-managers, but the state of the state and the world at large more than sovereign and powerful states (i.e. empires) are not just order-less but facilitate a wonderful notion of boundary-less-ness that is transformative yet the form here means “many” (e.g. asexual, not sexual, can become a performative “they.” I too am “they.”*


* Fred and Theo accept my formation, though Max does not.

Trump’s People’s Park

Where would our former New Yorker, or any of his loved ones, take a turn, looking for a bit of freedom of — no, oops — peace of mind? Lafayette Park? Church? A temple, or how about a mosque, a revival tent where they do indeed speak in tongues (not some Hollywood version of it, I mean the real Weedpatch kinda thing)? It certainly wouldn’t be my mom’s alma m. on that awful Left Coast. Nor even inland, where extended “folks” got Ronald Reagan to take a turn and visit, less than 100 miles from Los Angeles, and 30 minutes off the 99.

It would be the whitest park of all, in NYC. Now I could go gather data. Instead, I went straight to the source: CPPD (one Central Park PD), not to be confused with all the other PDs, even in NYC.

Let me digress one more minute — did you know there are fewer McDonald’s in the United States of America than there are PDs? I know at least where the two McD’s are within 3 miles of my apartment, but not where 2 or 4 of my PDs are. (13,800 McDonald’s and 18,000 police departments.). This is of course why it’s easier to reform McDonald’s than law and order, let alone the police.

Here’s what I was: hot and bothered, bothered enough to go ask not one person in one building in the park but three, to go find one of the Central Park’s PDs (and of course get thrown out for asking for badges and IDs and names. I did get two of three). And here’s what the gentlemen officers told me (after the white one called me a racist, since I referred to the people outside that I counted as whizzing by with the fewest masks on, or should I say covering their noses while perspirating).

Clearly, this poor officer has not heard of whiteness, white supremacy, or even Zadie Smith’s white labels in one of her novels. More importantly, all three men tried to tell me that Central Park has no rule about masks, only social distancing. So we can run/walk/jog/cycle in a space that holds very few people following social distancing. Sweat is flying, mouths open, moisture of all kinds, and yet Mayor de Blasio has the gall to ask us not to wear masks and social distance in outdoor funerals and demonstrations? Is this because Central Park is not only white, it’s Trump’s Peoples’ Park?

Laughing helps the diaphragm too

I can’t sing like Carol Nackenoff (terrific APD scholar) — though, being a PwD (Person with a Disability) since 1993, and one who has been “self-identifying**” and no longer plays the oboe (and certainly not on our rooftop terrace, though that’s where I hope to develop my diaphragm some day), Pilates and breathing — this is my singing.

Before I had the strength to do this, I tried to start every day with a laugh.  Well, a former SUNY Geneseo professor in speech pathology, specializing in cognitive and linguistic psychology, helps keep the “sisterhood” in laughs that help me exercise my lungs — one of the exercises many can do who live in Manhattan apartments.  Thanks, Joanie!

Given her speciality, I plan on deferring to her “laugh judgment” — for getting at least one of the many gut-wrenching laughs I need for my diaphragm exercise each day. Plus, it has the added bonus of preparing students who will be taking my class on the American Presidency — and will have to face the masculinity of the “Commander-in-Chief” (see below).

After you read below, remember you are only imagining a she/he/they as the last exercise.  After all, we will have reviewed all the ways American Presidents have rarely treated anyone other than SLAMs and SCAMs (straight liberal Anglo-American men and straight conservative Anglo American men) fairly.  Put differently, this is to say, many people who do not or are not SLAMs and SCAMs.  (The “identify” part is there, you guessed it, since many white, straight, radical, liberal, moderate, or conservative men do not subscribe to the patriarchy.  Similarly, many women do (more white women, to be sure). Plus, as my mother always said, women keep women from the dinner table where the straight white men of all political stripes are. Though if you watch Mrs. America, they do do lunch.

American Presidency Page (soon)

* I like the explanation after the acronym, many of my colleagues, friends and family will tell you.  This gives you creative license and people listen more to this than to the really terrible “disabled” person, and I’m bored with the debate about saying “a person with a disability” (as if any one person has only one identity 🙂 )