Heretical Thought, Oxford Univ. Press, USA

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Book Series Editor, Ruth O’Brien

Book Series Editor, Ruth O’Brien



Oxford University Press, USA

Heresy Defined: Thought is heretical when it threatens our idea of universality, or our notion of the self or selves, whether it is in the face of advances in science, human science, governance, or media that, regardless of purpose or intent, shape and determine our bodies and our consciousness and/or the ways we communicate about them.  It embodies seismic or significant breaks in sclerotic contemporary political thought.

Book Series Mission: The series is shaped by the notion that contemporary political thought that advances significant or seismic ideas, independent of purpose or intent, and also threatens our ideas of universality, is heretical.  To discover what are the heretical thoughts of our day, authors will juxtapose two or three seemingly unrelated issues side by side.  By reconciling these issues, this book series exposes contemporary ruptures in thought, or a break in a school of thought.  The books will be analytically organized along four platforms with issues pertaining to (first) science and (second) human sciences, as well as our ability to (third) communicate about them and (fourth) govern them globally by law, treaty, or international agreement.  The hope is that these juxtapositions will make visible or apparent threats that are observable, empirical, biological, chemical, or physical in the universe — if we had the time to weigh all the options, come up with hypotheses, and reject convenience or short-term profit and gain.  Heretical ideas constitute a universal threat to universality, or what makes a person or a people(s) in a habitat or even the cosmos unique.  Heretical thought has an imprint on the identity of the self or our selves.

Yet, instead of featuring the heretics themselves, this book series showcases heretical ideas, and how such ideas cause seismic breaks in sclerotic thought and affect political action.

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